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I loooooove Deb Perelman's food blog and her cookbook is amazing. I wish she would make another one. I have bought this book as gifts for my friends because I love this cookbook so much. The recipes are easy to follow although not all of them are quick to make but the ones I have tried are very tasty. Each recipe uses simple ingredients.

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For each recipe, there are comments, personnel messages about the recipe. Rated 4 out of 5 by Elena from Good Recipes! Tasty and easy Rated 4 out of 5 by Skater from Delicious The recipes are easy to follow and many have become favourites. The photographs are lovely too. Rated 5 out of 5 by Kyan from You can't go wrong with this I've owned this cookbook for a year now. Although I've yet to try a lot of the recipes, the ones I have tried all turned out bang on!

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The instructions are easy to follow and not at all intimidating or complicated. I've made countless number of pizzas thanks to this cookbook. Highly recommended! Rated 5 out of 5 by Ruby from Love this cookbook! Smitten Kitchen is by far my favorite food blog, Deb is a great writer and her recipes always turn out to be beyond delicious.

Hope she has another one out soon! I've read her blog forever and have waited for this book to be published. It definitely lives up to my expectations. Signed up on her blog and was mesmorized by everything else on there!

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  • The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook: Recipes and Wisdom from an Obsessive Home Cook (Hardcover).
  • The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman.
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  • I read this cover to cover and have already tried some recipes. Deb's approach - accessible ingredients dressed up to make delicious, impressive results is a cookbook that every kitchen should have.

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    I have well over cookbooks and this is in the top 10! Extra Content.

    Read from the Book From the IntroductionWelcome. Welcome to my tiny kitchen. We could talk about pie. Of course, unless you can squeeze yourself onto a fraction of a six-inch tile—grumbling, no doubt, that this was the worst party ever—this is probably not going to happen.

    I think that people want me to tell them a good story. That I went to cooking school and spent years on the line being yelled at by a French guy with his name over the door. People want a story with drama and excitement. But I do, I really do. And the house smelled delicious.

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    Leftovers rocked. Yes, this is a basic, layered oat bar with a shortbread base, unsweetened coconut and chocolate chips but it also has a gooey, butter-tart like middle layer. You should have no shame bringing these anywhere — proudly plonk them right next to any delicate, froufrou macarons and just see where the crowd heads.

    They also came together easily. The food was not only successful it was really, really tasty. And was it fuss-free? I will absolutely go back and make all those other bookmarked recipes with pleasure. If yours has as many bookmarks as mine did, by your side in the kitchen to become very well-splattered. Her husband was never referred to like he was a tiny plastic Ken Doll she kept in her apron pocket and fed cookies to all day.

    New posts, around a month, got hundreds of comments, which Deb would scroll through and reply to, thoughtfully.


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    Book agents were watching. Sites such as It was the golden age of blogging. The next year, she got the gold at the Saveur awards: best cooking blog. Time magazine included her in their Best Blogs list, too. NPR gave her a ring to talk tiny kitchens. Finally, in , with three-year-old Jacob in the picture, Perelman published her first cookbook. Her words. Her photos. No stylist. No ghostwriter.

    It blasted into a super bestseller, rubbing NYTimes list shoulders with Ina Garten whose book came out the same day.

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    Ina was 1 on the list, Perelman was 2—for weeks. I may have given it as a housewarming gift on several occasions. Around , the golden age of food blogs started fading. We sat down at the round table in her tidy living room, near a cookie monster wearing a cowboy hat, and caught up. Before, recipes had the leisurely pace of someone who didn't mind eating at 9, But kids gotta eat, and they inconveniently also need a balanced meal so they grow in the right direction up?