In the Swing, Op. 63, No. 4, from Twelve Very Easy and Melodious Studies

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Nearly all of these studies focus on problems of technique and interpretation, and are short in length. The arrangements are not all written in Classical-period styling; you will hear some Romantic and Contemporary sounds as well. However, all of the selections are inspired directly by individual Mozart pieces. David P. Inspired by Nocturne in C-sharp Minor, posthumous. Written and named to inspire students to learn through imagery and play with feeling. Palmer [NO. When used by parents during practice time, it can make a dramatic difference in the student's musical learning.

All parents-with or without musical knowledge-will be able to participate. It's like having a second teacher at home. The books feature note reading, rhythm reading, sight-reading and technical workouts. Each piece on the CD was recorded at a performance tempo and a slower practice tempo. With games and puzzles added to compositional and creative activities, students retain concepts more easily and learn more thoroughly. New items include the introduction of C and G major scales, as well as three-note V7 chords in C and G. Dotted quarter and eighth-note rhythm patterns are added to other rhythms of gradually increasing complexity.

Includes attractive music created by internationally acclaimed composers in a variety of styles, plus tips on how to perform more musically.

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The lyrics are current and in-tune with today's students! The subject matter is appealing! These accolades have been used to describe the all-new music in Alfred's Premier Piano Course The music in Performance Book 2B includes a variety of styles including boogie, ragtime, jazz, flamenco, contemporary and more--sure to bring smiles to the faces of all students. The attractive music, complete with performance tips, carefully supports the new concepts contained in the corresponding Lesson Book 2B.

Among the 27 selections are numerous menuets, "short" preludes and suite movements. The introductory material contains an excellent discussion of ornamentation, rhythm, articulation, tempo and dynamics in the keyboard music of this master composer. Price The pieces in this book are arranged roughly in chronological order. They include the best of Mozart's childhood compositions through late works such as the famous "Sonata in C Major," K.

Unique features of this volume include an excellent discussion of pianos in Mozart's day, as well as directives on how to improvise ornaments in Classic keyboard music. The Alfred Masterwork CD Editions conveniently combine each exceptional volume with a professionally recorded CD that is sure to inspire artistic performances. Pianist Scott Price is the chair of the Piano Department at the University of South Carolina and holds a doctorate in piano performance from the University of Oklahoma.

He has given master classes and recitals throughout the United States and Southeast Asia. Includes works by Beethoven, Debussy and more!

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Compact Disc recordings by Valery Lloyd-Watts are also available. His legacy lives on in this series of books that have been pulled from his most loved sheet music solos. Palmer Intermediate As with all Alfred masterwork Editions, the 13 selections of this book appear in their original, unsimplified forms. Menuets, marches, musettes and preludes comprise this carefully edited volume for early-intermediate pianists.

Background material describes dance forms, ornamentation and dotted rhythms. Editorial indications for tempi, dynamics and articulations appear in gray print, and are based on scholarly research. It provides a valuable introduction to the keyboard works of this master composer.

Perfect for adding a light and humorous touch to any recital program. The selections in this book have been recorded by Kim O'Reilly on compact disc and cassette tape along with the selections from Christmas Holiday A piano teaching classic. The result is a much sharper publication, and a better product to present to a pupil. Publisher: Dover Publications Inc. Palmer's introductory material emphasizes Beethoven's use of pedal, rubato, ornamentation and articulation with an especially fascinating look at legato in the composer's keyboard music.

Each sonatina projects a unique style and offers an outstanding opportunity for early analysis of form and practice steps. Publisher: G. Book 1 is for elementary to late-elementary pianists, while Book 2 contains solos at the early-intermediate to intermediate level. Students in their beginning years of piano study can enjoy these bouncy selections which are written in five-finger hand positions.

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Each piece is as fun to learn as it is to play. Lancaster LEVEL: Late Elementary Piano students of all ages enjoy playing pieces in the boogie and blues style. Included is an intriguing history of the composer's life, education and gift as a composer.

Streabbog: 12 Melodious Pieces, Book 1, Opus Piano Book: Louis Streabbog

In addition to a discussion on Brahms' style of composition, performance suggestions are included. Editorial markings have been added for pedaling and fingering. The fast-finger actions, stirring rhythms and dramatic sounds of Bravo! The spirited and energetic nature of these pieces will encourage pianists to perform with flair and showmanship. The fast finger action, stirring rhythms and dramatic sounds will captivate both the performer and the listener. You'll be eager to explore Bravo Book 2 after exploring all of the moods in this outstanding volume!

Etudes are organized into four units according to difficulty and emphasize different aspects of technique and musicianship. Hanon exercises are included within each unit to reinforce the need for finger strength, independence and agility. Information about each composer's life, music and books is also provided.

Chord patterns, woven tastefully throughout the melodies, will improve your students' sight-playing skills, while allowing them to experience motivating program pieces about famous locales. Late intermediate. These eight familiar praise and worship songs, with their rhythmic vitality and rich harmonies, will especially appeal to teens. Students will enjoy performing these pieces at youth groups, camps, and in other church settings. Palmer Intermediate This edition of the Sonatinas, Op. In addition to Clementi's own articulations, fingerings and ornaments presented in dark print, additional performance suggestions by Dr.

Palmer appear in light gray print. These guidelines were drawn from Clementi's companion work, Introduction to the Art of Playing on the Pianoforte, first published in Each book includes suggested practice and performance tips for each piece by experienced teacher and editor, Victoria McArthur. This new version is idiomatic for the instrument, retaining all the music from the standard orchestra suite. Composers include J. They encompass a wealth of technical and music instruction from this master teacher of the Classical period, indeed, the world's first great piano pedagogue.

The etudes focus on developing both technical and music skills, providing an excellent stylistic and technical resource for the intermediate pianist. Preceding each etude or group of etudes is a worksheet divided into three sections: Practice Tips, Quick Quiz and Creative Corner.

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These worksheets help students focus on the important technical features in each etude, apply practical music theory to their study of the music, and vary the etudes in creative ways. Maurice Hinson Advanced Each piece of Op.

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Czerny's own instructions above the studies read: 'Each repetition should be played 20 times without interruption,' or other numbers of repetitions. In addition to this, each study is a complete music composition, demanding attention to dynamics and phrasing. Students who master Opus have indeed progressed a long way in the "school of velocity.

Theoretical elements are highlighted to hasten the evaluation and presentation of each piece.

Written in five-finger positions, accompaniments are included for all pieces, making excellent student-teacher duets. These sophisticated books are the perfect supplement for any adult method book and include a wealth of motivational repertoire.

Streabbog - 12 Very Easy and Melodious Studies, Op 63

The primo and secondo parts are on separate pages and essential ornamentation is realized in footnotes. Both parts contain measure numbers for easy reference. Every ambitious player is eventually going to examine these milestones of contemporary music literature. The musical community had to wait for new piano works from the pen of Ligeti for quite a long time; now this new volume has been published. Each volume includes a rich selection of the works of the greatest masters from all eras.

Book 1 repertoire is sequenced so that it would range from Levels of piano methods. Book 2 repertoire is sequenced so that it would range from Levels of most piano methods.